Life Is Grand!

You would think that an American would travel the magnificent spectacles of the United States, but no. Maybe we take it for granted or we put it last on our bucket list. I would guess that more foreigners than Americans have been to such places as the Grand Canyon. It took my Italian husband to take me to see it.

Our first family road trip was to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Horse Shoe Bend, and Antelope Canyon. Majestic. I can’t believe that all these beautiful places are right here and so close to Los Angeles. All it took was renting an all-wheel-drive SUV and packing some food to go!

Here are some photos. We’ll be posting more!



One thought on “Life Is Grand!

  1. Hi guys,

    Great to see you are still having adventures and were not locked up or shot in Russia.

    I was at the Grand Canyon a whopping 21 years ago and hiked from the south to north rim. The USA has some amazing Nat Parks.

    We’ve had an Argentinean couple staying down stairs since you left. Actually I’ve only just arrived back from a month hiking in Patagonia. Now there’s a place you need to go to if not already.

    Keep having fun.

    Cheers Craig


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