Sweet As…

That’s what Kiwis say when they like something.”Sweet as.” (Not sweet a–, but as pie, candy, etc)  New Zealand is beyond our visions. We landed in Auckland via Singapore on January 5 and booked a week stay at Pentlands Backpackers Hostel.

It’s located in Mt. Eden, Auckland. Their prices are good and the manager is very kind. Additionally, he makes sure that the place is very tidy, despite the traffic. If you’re into loud, party-type hostels, this place is not for you. It’s more for the traveler who wants to plan out their journey, look for work, and/or get to know others in a smaller setting. There’s free parking Pentlands which is hard to come by in Auckland. Click on the link and you’ll find more info.

The first thing that we planned was to buy a van so that we could set it up with a bed, storage, camping utensils, etc to travel throughout NZ. We were told about a couple of car fairs that happen on Saturdays and Sundays in the city where most backpackers sell their vans, already ready-for-travel. One is the Ellerslie Car Fair. The other is the Auckland City Car Fair. We met a couple of Irish girls who traveled NZ three times and gave us a great deal, as they were trying to dip out of NZ within a few days.

IMG_0917We cleaned it, packed it. Glad the main task is done! The van came with several books, including a Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook. You can see all the places that scenes were shot in New Zealand. IMG_2724Apart from the cost of living in Auckland, it’s pretty funky. However, we have the entire country to check out, so we have much to do before we leave the city of Auckland… like go to the Big Day Out Festival!




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