Short Stop in Doha

Since we had a 12-hour layover in Doha, Qatar and I have a very good friend of mine, Luca whom I grew up with from Italy there, we went around town. It was amazing. The architecture and Qatari culture was so awesome to see in person.

Women covered in burkas and men wearing thobes made it all the more interesting. Foreign women aren’t required to be covered in Doha or Dubai, but everywhere else they pretty much do. Doha is considered one of the more liberal cities in Qatar where women can work and drive. It’s common to see married Qatari couples holding hands, too.

We went to the Souq Waqif market to grab dinner and stopped at a hookah place afterwards. Really cheap prices and good! We also watched a Qatari band playing while sheiks danced and the ladies watched.

Luca and I headed to a couple of nightclubs and Kathy fell asleep. There are two that you can check out and both are in the W hotel. You have to be on a list to get in and if I knew how to get on the list, I would tell you. There was an Irish Pub inside the Sheraton Hotel, so we went there.

Be prepared to spend a lot of money, if you want to drink a beer. If you’re a girl in any of these nightlife venues, bring your chastity belt because there are going to be a lot of horny men and you might be the only female attraction.

It was a great stopover, except when a sheik poked Kathy in her back to move her out of his way. She was not happy about that.

Anyways, it could be cool for maybe one or two more days, but I’m not too sure for an entire vacation, especially if you’re not used to the machismo culture as a female Westerner. You never know though! If you have time, definitely check out the desert and the sea, unfortunately we just didn’t have time to go.

HERE are a few photos from the trip!


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