Fancy-Free Sydney

Sydney is one dope city. Being a city girl, I put my stamp on Sydney as being the best metropolitan city in Australia. Some of my Aussie friends might disagree, but most of them do agree. It’s gorgeous and the city’s scenery keeps your attention, continuously. Most of all, my dear friend Tee (that’s DJ Flygirl Tee if ya nasty) who was born and raised in Sydney made it a spectacular stay. We almost didn’t want to leave and I sure didn’t want to leave my friend.

We went everywhere from Frenchs Forest to Chatswood to the Olympic Park to the CBD. First of all, Sydney’s public transportation is amazing. The buses are always on time, maybe just maybe they’ll be a few minutes behind, but rarely! The bus drivers are so friggin’ nice, helpful, patient, and very down-to-earth. The subway system is fantastic. You can buy a weekly pass for the trains and buses.

If you are in Chatswood, you will get some good Asian food. I highly suggest The Bulgogi. It’s delicious! And in the city, stop by O Bal Tan for some delicious Korean BBQ. In the city, the pizza at Fratelli Fresh is very good. Breakfast at the Four Seasons is worth every penny. You can find plenty of good food and coffee nearly anywhere in Sydney. It’s great.

We’ll post more in depth tips and stories soon!


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