Life Is Grand!

You would think that an American would travel the magnificent spectacles of the United States, but no. Maybe we take it for granted or we put it last on our bucket list. I would guess that more foreigners than Americans have been to such places as the Grand Canyon. It took my Italian husband to take […]

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Green, Green New Zealand

It’s been awhile since we’ve written about our travels. We are very sorry for taking so long. Traveling and internet access, plus time, make it tough. So, let’s do a quick catch up! We already went as far north as you can go in NZ; to Cape Reinga and in between. Then, we took a quick […]

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Sweet As…

That’s what Kiwis say when they like something.”Sweet as.” (Not sweet a–, but as pie, candy, etc)  New Zealand is beyond our visions. We landed in Auckland via Singapore on January 5 and booked a week stay at Pentlands Backpackers Hostel. It’s located in Mt. Eden, Auckland. Their prices are good and the manager is very […]

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Short Stop in Doha

Since we had a 12-hour layover in Doha, Qatar and I have a very good friend of mine, Luca whom I grew up with from Italy there, we went around town. It was amazing. The architecture and Qatari culture was so awesome to see in person. Women covered in burkas and men wearing thobes made […]

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Fancy-Free Sydney

Sydney is one dope city. Being a city girl, I put my stamp on Sydney as being the best metropolitan city in Australia. Some of my Aussie friends might disagree, but most of them do agree. It’s gorgeous and the city’s scenery keeps your attention, continuously. Most of all, my dear friend Tee (that’s DJ […]

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Perth’s World

Beautiful City of Perth

We have arrived in Western Australia, known as the most expensive and the most isolated of the developed cities in Australia…but it sure is a beautiful one! Locals nicknamed Western Australia as “WA = Wait Awhile” due to the laid back pace. In this picture, we’re standing in front of Perth Water. It’s the section of the Swan River. You can find ferry tours to Rottnest Island or to one of the local beach communities, Fremantle.

It’s a quaint, big city with a small town way of doing things. You can go to King’s Park where families, couples, elders, youth and backpackers harmoniously congregate. Living here is great because it’s safe, diverse, clean, organized, and has jobs. There’s paid and free transportation by Transperth. Taxis are difficult to grab during nights out; never figured out why. Perth is still getting acquainted with the influx of foreigners. You can tell that it’s still a new situation for natives. People are generally quite polite, but not on the CBD sidewalks. Someone could knock your shoulder off and not give a hoot.

Northbridge is known as “Asia Town” which means most places are opened late. You’ll find plenty of restaurants and cafes that are not only Asian. You have tons of bars and nightclubs, too. There’s a San Churros in Northbridge and throughout Perth. YUM. You can also check out West Leederville which also has a glut of cafes, restaurants, little shops, bars and nightclubs.

If you’re looking for the closest thing to Mexican food…good luck! The only place that I will recommend is Guzman y Gomez. Most people who refer you to anywhere else have never had real Mexican food. It’s similar to Chipotle in the States. We ate at one of those fancy, so-called Mexican restaurants, but were seriously disappointed. It cost at least $4 for one tiny taco. You must order food in order to buy an alcoholic drink. That’s the law ’round these parts.

Here are my food recommendations: Galileo Italian restaurant in Shenton Park. Mmmm…food movie in your mouth. The prices are very reasonable; about $30 per plate and the wine list is fab! For some great pizza, Neighborhood Pizza and Dough Pizza are excellent. Finding good Korean food was a task. Cori Anna is a great spot. Their food is not westernized and had decent portion sizes. Also, Seoul Buffet was pretty darn good, especially the doenjang jjigae. As for burgers, Grill’d is delicious and they have gluten-free buns which are tasty! Espresso 1982 is very nice. They have reasonable prices, a great ambience and use the best products. Be sure to stop by Little Creatures in Fremantle aka Freo for a cold draft or cider and some good food. You can hop on the Duyfken Voyage in the back.

When looking for nightclubs, you can check out Villa Nightclub, The Library, Air, Club Red Sea, and Capitol. Grab a free X-Press magazine for shows and proper nights. Don’t be surprised by the plastered, barefoot drunks roaming the streets. They are something else! And the cops…they don’t play games. I saw a lady officer jump from a horse then elbow a guy unconscious. Oh, and he had it coming. Would have been great YouTube material!

Going organic is very expensive and inconvenient here. GMOs (genetically modified organism) are a big concern, especially in America and Australia. Thanks to Monsanto. Yuck. You have to assume that most of the produce here is genetically modified. So… On Sundays, go to the Fremantle Markets where you’ll find produce and foods at a good price. I try to grab any organic produce because it’s much cheaper here. Right around 5pm, many of the bigger sellers yell, “Everything $1!!!” There are a couple of organic stores there which made me happy. Also, you can check out Perth City Farm Markets on Saturdays and Malaga Market during the week or on Sundays (around 4:30 for extra low prices). If you go to Malaga, check out Uncle Harri’s for their superb selection of beans, grains, flour and nuts.

You can shop at small organic stores such as Organic on Charles. When looking for organic, healthy supplements or skin creams, go to a Good Life Health shop. Understand that all of the organic and health stores in AUS are small businesses. So, don’t think of Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. They don’t exist here. The prices are sky high, so if you really want to eat organically, add double to the already high prices. You can find some organic foods at Woolworths or Coles. Extremely limited. You can check out: Whats So Great About Perth or GranTourismo’s blog for more about Perth.

Nearly every person whom we met was so nice and open; even made a few friends for life. It may not be the most adventurous of places in Aus, but the people are beautiful. Maybe we were just super blessed with meeting good people or Perth is full of them!



p.s. Click on photo for more pics & tips.

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